Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 3 The Mysterious Man’s Present

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The thing he hated the most in the world was women. Additionally, she was so young.

As he came back from his thoughts, he saw the girl standing on tiptoes looking at the lions. He bent his waist and put the cubs on the ground.

Ming WuYan then found out that the lions had a Siamese body. She was distressed and said, “They’re still young. Should separate them. It will be hard to take care of them, while they’re stuck together.”

He didn’t know why but he suddenly felt that the little girl’s voice was very pleasant to hear. Every word struck his beating heart. He felt his heart thumping, at such a speed that never happened before.

He widened his eyes in astonishment, and pressed hard against his chest to stop the abnormal beating of his heart.

He took a deep breath for a moment and stared into the eyes of Ming WuYan, “Do you have a solution?”

Ming WuYan nodded, then shook her head.

If it was the modern times, with her magical skills in plastic surgery, she could easily separate the two lions. But now the medical conditions were limited. She didn’t have a scalpel, medical instruments or medicines. It was just wishful thinking.

The Iceberg looked at her and tried hard to casually say, “Then separate them. I will wait for you.”

He took the YaoFeng Qin [Qin 琴 is a stringed musical instrument of the zither family] from his back down and set it down. Doctor Jing returned with water for the lions.

But the two lions were connected and did not cooperate together, so they stumbled and fell down, looking very pitiful. Ming WuYan distressingly pet their heads, made a decision, and quickly ran.

She took a bowl of black water from her space and ran to the kitchen to get a knife. When she came back, Doctor Jing cried out.

“WuYan, what are you doing with the knife? Quickly put it back. It’s not good if you hurt yourself.”

He grabbed the knife from her hand and returned it back to the kitchen personally.

Ming WuYan looked at her empty hand and then at the two pitiful cubs who kept stumbling down. Her heart couldn’t bear it so she prepared to find another knife.

She took a step before the Iceberg handed her a small dagger. “Use this one.”

Ming WuYan took the dagger and compared it to the body of the cub. The dagger was too small.

The she brightened and asked the Iceberg, “Can I borrow the string on your Qin?”

The Iceberg was confused but still nodded, “Okay.”

With his agreement, she took the dagger and cut off two Qin strings with a “deng deng” sound. The Iceberg stared stupidly.

This was the ancient treasure, YaoFeng Qin ah! And it was the birthday present for his senior martial brother.

Ming WuYan didn’t notice the Iceberg’s facial expressions. She touched the bodies of the lions and nodded satisfactorily. She poured a little black water where the cubs were connected. Then she picked up the Qin strings and quick as lightning, cut the lions and separated them. The cubs were in pain so she immediately poured the black water over them.

The whole process took less than thirty seconds and the two cubs were separated. Not a drop of blood was spilt. And looking at the jubilation of the two lions, they were not traumatized. The Iceberg’s face showed surprise.

He steadily looked at Ming WuYan and a trace of gentle warmth appeared in his heart. He started to say something but saw the old doctor returning so he took a jade token out and gave it to Ming WuYan. “This is for you.”

He picked up one spirit lion cub and told her, “This other clumsy baby is for you. As is the dagger.” After he finished speaking, a sword appeared out of thin air by the man’s feet. It disappeared with the handsome man together.

 Doctor Jing saw this scene and after a day’s reaction finally said, “So he’s from the Yutian Academy. No wonder he had such high quality spirit pets.”

He then saw that Ming WuYan was holding a Yutian Token and laughed happily. “WuYan, you’re really blessed by the Heavens ah! He actually gave you the Token that gold can’t buy. Now you can go study at the Yutian Academy.”

Doctor Jing excitedly spoke. But Ming WuYan already stopped listening. She wondered who the masked iceberg-like man was. Why did he give her the Yutian Token and spirit pet? Was it only really to thank her?


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