Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 2 Handsome Iceberg-like Man

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“WuYan, don’t blame your father. His heart is bitter. Hurry up and get better soon. Don’t you want to learn medicine? I will teach you after you recover.” The old Doctor Jing said some words and left only when patients came.

Ming WuYan couldn’t move her body, her heart was uncomfortable, and she made the effort to turn over. But a wave of pain resulted in her dazedly moving her arm. The missing clasp of the bangle on her arm cut her skin, blood instantly covering the entire bangle.

Her heart was tired so she shut her eyes. But an inexplicable feeling of her body becoming lighter and the surrounding air changing, made her open her eyes. She found her body slowly falling into a black pond. The pond water was dark. She wanted to struggle, but found that her body was wrapped in a warm current. The pain disappeared and she felt so comfortable she didn’t want to move.

After a period of time, Ming WuYan opened her eyes and found that this place had more than this black pond. She counted ten, each with different colors and kinds of pond water; the whole place surrounded by mist.

She climbed out of the black pond. She could move now.

She looked down at her wet clothes, which turned black. She then jumped into a pond which was filled with ordinary spring water to wash her body clean. She climbed back out.

This time, the black liquid that washed off her vanished in the water and the water returned back to normal.

Ming WuYan heard voices outside. As she was thinking about how to get out, her body felt light and she was back lying on that medical bed.

Doctor Jing carried a pack of medicine over, to see Ming WuYan in wet clothing and quilt. He exclaimed, “WuYan, are you very hot? Why is your whole body wet?”

Ming WuYan nodded, “Grandpa Jing, I sweated a lot and now I feel all better. Can you help me up?”

Doctor Jing came forward to examine her and found the fracture of several ribs had been repaired. He was stunned and immediately laughed, “You’re really a blessed child! Come, try to get up.”

He helped her up. Seeing Ming WuYan was not in pain, he smilingly repeated “Good, good, good!”

Ming WuYan smiled, touched her wound and got up from bed. Feeling okay, she jumped up and down a few times, saying excitedly, “I’m really recovered!”

Doctor Jing was watching the recovered Ming WuYan and asked “WuYan, did you see someone earlier?”

Ming WuYan shook her head, “I was asleep. I don’t know.”

Seeing she didn’t know, Doctor Jing chuckled and didn’t ask anymore. In MingWuYan’s case, she needed at least three to five months to recover. Unless someone from the Medicine Sect was willing to help…

But in the North Desert country, there was only one elixir master. He was arrogant, with royal heritage, so he shouldn’t sneakily heal a little girl.

Then was it possible someone from the Medicine Sect came by here?

Oh, well, couldn’t figure it out so let’s not think about it, as long as WuYan was better.

Since she recovered, Ming WuYan didn’t want to return to her broken-down house and her drunkard father. So she would stay in Doctor Jing’s small medical clinic: one, to rest and second, to help and lend him a hand.

Doctor Jing was more than sixty years old. His body was still healthy. The clinic was located near the poor, so he didn’t make much money, barely able to make ends meet. Ming WuYan prepared medicine and fetched and cleaned. Although Doctor Jing didn’t pay her, he fed and clothed her. And if she was sick, he would carefully take care of her, never charging her a fee.

As Ming WuYan was doing these things, she studied the jade bangle on her wrist in her spare time.

This jade bangle was ugly and the jade was clearly inferior. The surface of the bangle was also chipped, missing a piece of jade. However, once her mind wished it, she would immediately enter that mysterious place, with ten ponds the same size, with different colors.

After analyzing, Ming WuYan concluded that this was probably the legendary space. From the recovery of her injuries, these ten ponds should be medicinal baths. But each pond’s specific functions had yet to be studied.

That evening, a man in black robes wearing a black mask came in, with two just-born bloody lion cubs in his arms. He had not spoken when the air became stagnate. It was still springtime in March. To the Ming WuYan, who stood behind the counter, the bone-chilling cold felt as if an iceberg just walked into the clinic.

The black robed man was unaware of others’ discomfort and slowly asked, “Do you have Tianshan Snow Lotus?”

His voice was as cold as frozen mountains. Doctor Jing froze and shook his head, “No.”

The Iceberg wrinkled his brows. “What about a hundred-year-old ginseng?”

Doctor Jing still shook his head, “No.”

The Iceberg’s voice got colder, “Why do you have nothing?”

Doctor Jing apologetically said, “This area is humble. We don’t have many precious herbs.” He glanced towards the Iceberg’s arms. The two little lions were just born and their bodies were also stuck together: a rare Siamese body. The lions were already very weak and lives were in danger so he added “You can give them a drink of warm water and milk.”

The Iceberg hesitated, “The water is fine, but the lioness mother had no milk.”

“Please wait.” Doctor Jing went to fetch the water.

Ming WuYan slipped out from the counter and looked at the Iceberg in front of her. She had never seen such a tall, handsome man. The black robes and mask showed off his perfect body proportions, with an appealing coolness.
Her gaze was then drawn to his bosom. On curious tiptoes she saw the small lion cubs. Compared to the lions born in modern times, they were more the size of cats.  She could not help muttering, “Those pitiful tiny things!”

The Iceberg glanced at Ming WuYan. His body stiffened. Thunder and lightning flashed in his mind. His eyes flashed with disbelief.

He immediately shook his head and did not believe that such an unbelievable scene would come to his own mind

The bridal chamber, he actually saw himself with this girl in the bridal chamber…


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