Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 1 Rebirth

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A cold winter day. The snow was heavy and the whole country was covered in white. Suddenly, a white-clothed figure fell from the tower. Red blood landed on the snow, like a blood-red cloud.

    People preparing for the winter festival were looking at this scene because of the dazzling blood color. It was a beautiful woman wearing thin white clothing, with delicate facial features and raised belly.

    “A sin ah, pregnant and also commit suicide.”…..” A pitiful sigh.  

    Because this was the only way to enter and exit the city, there were more and more people looking around until someone recognized the woman and shouted.

“Isn’t that the Xiaojie [young miss, lady] of the former General Hua’s Manor? After her whole family was executed, she was saved by Taizi [Crown Prince]? And now to become Taizifei [Crown Princess, Taizi’s wife]? Why would she be dead?”

    “Could it be murder?”

    “Who dares to murder Taizifei? You see her raised abdomen? She must be pregnant……”

    “You mean suicide? But pregnancy is a happy event. You won’t kill yourself with your baby. Impossible.……”

    “Everything is possible. You did not hear, the Third Prince declared in a drunken stupor that he would only love Hua Yu Man. But three days ago, the Third Wangzi [prince, usually sons of the Emperor] was executed by five horses splitting his body apart. You say if it is not Third Wangzi who is responsible for Taizifei’s belly?”

    When everyone was speculating, a snow rabbit came running across the snow, with a black flower in its mouth. Possibly carelessly, its short leg rubbed away the already breathless woman’s clothes. And a sharp-eyed man found a Shougongsha/gecko cinnabar [proof of virginity] on the inside of the woman’s arm……

    “A virgin? Then how can she be pregnant?”

    As the words were spoken, dozens of people in black fell from the sky. They waved a few swords and everyone was silenced.

    “The Master ordered even if the woman died, she will be chopped into eighty-one pieces!””


    When the men in black lifted their swords, a great gust of wind came and day was replaced by night……

    No one noticed that the black flower in the mouth of the snow rabbit emitted a glimmer of light, and a ray of light was injected between the dead woman’s eyebrows on the ground.……


    In a dark cave, outside the city

    An unknown and unbearable pain had Hua Yu Man opened her eyes. The dim light and fishy smell of blood blood surrounding her made her frown unconsciously.

    “Man’er, this man is really good-looking, let’s save him!””

[Er: A suffix added to names to denote intimacy/closeness]

    The voice immediately mobilized all the cells of Hua Yu Man’s body, and she looked incredulously behind herself at a girl wearing a pink dress, holding a man with an arrow in his chest.

    Leng You Yu?

    You’re only 13 years old?

    How is that possible? How is that possible?

    She looked at them with horror, shaking violently.

    Li Ji. The man with the arrow was Li Ji, the Li Ji, who was not Taizi yet.

    How was this possible? Wasn’t she dead? She was kicked off the tall city towers by Leng You Yu and was killed. She heard what the people said, but they only knew the tip of the iceberg……

    The relationships of her and Leng You Yu, Taizi, and Third Wangzi were much more than they knew.

    “I’ve made my decision, Man’er, to save him!” Leng You Yu stood up, pointed to Hua Yu Man, “you go to help me buy some haemostatic drugs at the pharmacy.”

    Hua Yu Man looked down at herself and was looking at a twelve-year-old her, with a young and beautiful face and flat belly. She forcefully pinched her arm and felt pain. But her face had a bright, mysterious smile. She returned to five years ago?

    At this time, a beautiful little snow-colored rabbit ran out of the grass. It looked at Hua Yu Man, a wounded foot swaying in front of her eyes, with eyes full of pleading.

    Hua Yu Man was really sure now that she really went back in time to five years ago. She was twelve years old when met this little rabbit, and took it home……

    “Man’er, quickly go. Saving a life is better than building a seven-story pagoda. We can’t stand around and let him die,” Leng You Yu urged.

    “Okay!” Hua Yu Man’s voice should be a faint one, but the voice also surprised herself: very beautiful and crisp, making her want to cry. Four years later, Leng You Yu would try to use all means to use to poison her throat. Her voice when she died was coarse and ugly.

    Did the Heavens give her life again because it she felt sorry for her and wronged her?    

This time, she, Hua Yu Man, would keep her life and protect those people important to her!


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